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Music Stand Light - Clip On FL9027

The FZone double LED music light is the perfect solution for musicians, public speakers, FOH mixers or anybody requiring focused and controlled lighting in a low light, high-intensity environment.
R 225.00 R 202.50

Tecnix TSP Keyboard Sustain Pedal

The Tecnix piano-style sustain pedal gives you the constancy and robustness you need in a sustain pedal, at a price you can't pass up.
R 339.00 R 290.00

Nomad NKS- K139 X-Frame Keyboard Stand

Height adjustable x-frame double braced keyboard stand.
R 930.00 R 745.00

Hybrid MB02 Keyboard Bench

This X-Style bench is affordable and perfect for fold-and-go use.
R 1 090.00 R 895.00

Korg MA-2 Solo Metronome

The MA-2 is an indispensable unit for rhythm training, and solidly covers the functions of a metronome.
R 250.00 R 225.00

BG A66 KM9 Keyboard Cover

Microfibre care cloth to keep moisture off piano/keyboard.
R 795.00 R 635.00